What I Do

Different Ideas

I can create items for ideas pitched, but more often I am simply faced with a challenge or issue and asked to design a solution.

Flexible Mind

The research process is the most important. Once I am aware of the goal and budget creation can begin! Whether I am to complete someone else's vision or if I have sold them on one of mine.

Sweet Support

With a total of 22 years experience there isn't an issue I can't solve with a paper, video, or website. I also engage in feedback and analysis so data can show what is working and what needs to change.

Digital Portfolio

Liz Johnson has been with Transamerica for the past 14 years managing the creative direction of the voluntary benefits B2B and B2C collateral. Her background is in prepress production and advertising. Her website and video production skills have been honed over the years. On a zero budget and tight turnaround, she uses these mediums to reinforce or tell the story on their own.

Liz handles the product information sheets for the 19 products we actively market along with older products we keep for availability where states have not approved the newest version. She worked directly with the team of Client Relationship Managers on adhoc marketing requests.

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